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Mountain High Relief Maps - a world-wide collection

Mountain High Maps® 4.0 - Relief Maps with world wide coverage! This collection is a major upgrade of our MacUser Eddy Award winning professional map making resource. These detailed and accurate map views of the world's continents countries and ocean floors have an extensive range of applications: advertising, newspaper & television, publication & presentation, education & reference, multimedia, web & video use.

Mountain High Maps® Version 4.0 now comprises:

- 5 versions of relief maps, 3 pre-colorized (one political and two physical) and two grayscale base maps
- 2 editable EPS vector maps in Illustrator.

- Easier-to-use closed and pre-filled Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop paths.

- Over 16,000 updated place names and labeled physical features including rivers, lakes, cities, countries and mountains. Masks enable you to colorize each country and define its borders, highlight coastlines and add dramatic 3D effects with land mass shadow or vignette masks.

- 7,500 map files packed into a 4-CD-ROM set with over 10 Gb of uncompressed files.

- 38 professionally animated globe sequences includes 3D files and textures maps.

- 54 stunning, high-resolution Earth globe views (15 fully colorized) showing land relief.

- Between 100 and 1,000 meters per pixel, 300 dpi resolution for high quality imagesetter output.

- Reproduction rights granted with your purchase of MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS® allow almost unlimited commercial use. MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS®' includes all FRONTIERS™ material.

Grayscale South America Elevation relief maps of Asia Vegetation map of the British Isles Globes with natural land
Satellite Imagery 1000 meter resolution Vegetation map of Africa
Cloud cover mask Australia grayscale relief maps
Antarctica and ocean floor North America political map map of Hawaiian Islands Frontiers vector EPS of the Philippines
Globeshots centered on America Grand Canyon digital topo map
World in grayscale Europe elevation map

Two other package option are available:

MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS® - CONTINENTAL EDITIONS - Version 4.0 The unique MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS® collection of maps is available as four separate CD-ROM products for the designer who only requires a smaller selected group of Continental maps or World / Globe Views for Mac or Windows. The map specifications are identical as for the full Mountain High Maps Edition:
Africa + America, Asia + Australia, Europe, and World Views + Globes

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